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What Is Vinyl Wallpaper? All You Need To Know:

Nov 14, 2020 | Blog

Nowadays, people are loving to use wallpaper instead of painting. In the world of wallpaper, there are many choices to choose from while you are finding to include some extra decorative features to your favorite place.

Vinyl wallpaper is made of a base and a vinyl layered on top and creates a durable wallpaper that is thick, easily washable and long-lasting.

Vinyl wallpapers can be printed on paper or fibre backing, and the top is coated with vinyl. These wallpapers are also easy to install and easy to maintain.

What Is Vinyl Wallpaper? All You Need To Know: vinyl wallpaper 1

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vinyl Wallpapers:

Vinyl wallpapers are most uses wallpapers for home decoration. These wallpapers include some advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of vinyl wallpaper:


  • Vinyl wallpapers are suitable for any surfaces like plaster, concrete, drywall, putty.
  • It can hide the small defects on the wall.
  • Vinyl wallpapers are suitable for any type of premises.
  • It comes in a wide range of prices.
  • Vinyl wallpapers have soundproofing properties as they have multi-layering properties.
  • It has coat resistance power

Disadvantages Of Vinyl Wallpaper:

  • Poor quality vinyl may have a bad fragrance that imitates the smell of plastic.
  • One frequent problem with vinyl wallpaper is, they are moisture resistance so for the kitchen or bathroom this wallpaper can be a minus point.
  • The composition of vinyl wallpapers includes formaldehyde which can be dangerous.

What Is Vinyl Wallpaper? All You Need To Know: vinyl wallpaper 2

As we are talking about vinyl wallpapers, you need to know the individual as they come with four different types. Knowing this information can help you to choose the right type of vinyl wallpaper when you are about to planning wallpaper pasting.

Vinyl wallpaper comes in four types:

  1. Fabric backed vinyl wallpaper
  2. Paper backed vinyl wallpaper
  3. Vinyl coated wallpaper
  4. Solid vinyl wallpaper

What Is Vinyl Wallpaper? All You Need To Know: vinyl wallpaper 3

Fabric Backed Vinyl Wallpaper:

Fabric backed vinyl wallpaper consists of thick woven fabric which is used instead of the paper base and this is suitable for high foot traffic areas such as kitchen, hall area, kid’s room, etc. These vinyl wallpapers are moisture-resistant, easily washable, durable.

This vinyl wallpaper is categorized into three groups: light duty, medium duty and high duty.

Light duty or Type I – This type of vinyl wallpapers are used in offices, hospitals, hotel rooms.

Medium duty or Type II – This vinyl wallpapers are used for high traffic areas, corridors, office premises, and classrooms.

High duty or Type III – It is used in high traffic areas like where the wall protection is required.

Fabric backed vinyl wallpaper is easy to install and also easy to remove.

Paper Backed Vinyl Wallpaper:

Paper backed vinyl wallpapers contain paper or pulp backing lamination on a solid sheet of vinyl. These vinyl wallpapers are durable, washable, moisture-resistant and stain-resistant.

Paper backed vinyl wallpapers are used in most of the home areas due to its moisture-resistant and stain-resistant feature.

Vinyl Coated Wallpaper:

Vinyl coated wallpapers consist of the paper base which is treated with acrylic vinyl. The vinyl coatings add a layer of protection from moisture and humidity. Using vinyl coated wallpapers is not such a good idea as they are weaker than the other vinyl wallpapers but still can be used in rooms of the house, bathrooms. These vinyl wallpapers get easily scratch.

The advantage of vinyl-coated wallpaper is that you will get some durability without the plastic feel.

Solid Vinyl Wallpaper:

Solid vinyl wallpapers are made of complete vinyl and it can resist water and scrubbing.

This type of vinyl wallpapers is best for children rooms, kitchen and bathroom as this vinyl Wallpapers are strong and washable. Solid vinyl wallpapers are more durable than fabric backed vinyl wallpaper.

If you are planning for vinyl wallpapers, take suggestion from an expert who can guide you for the perfect vinyl wallpapers.

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