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What Is Fabric Wall Covering – Advantages & Disadvantages:

Nov 16, 2020 | Blog

Fabric!! As wall cover! Sounds interesting.

Obviously, it’s not a new concept. The tradition of using fabric as a decor element has been around for decades in many cultures.

However, this style has become more famous over the last few years and it looks like people are loving it so much.

There are different ways to create a fabric wall covering, we’ll discuss a bit about two ways.

The first way is very simple, here you need to hang the fabric like a tapestry. Each corner of the fabric will be pinned to the wall to spread the fabric stiff, or hang broadly just like a curtain.

Another way is pretty much similar to wallpaper installation, but not like wallpaper because using fabric wall cover is effortless.

Fabric Wall Covering

Fabric wall covering has a lot of advantages over wallpaper installation also has disadvantages.

Before we go into explaining the advantages and disadvantages let’s clarify what actually fabric wall covering is.

What Is Fabric Wall Covering?

A fabric wall covering is instead of using paint or wallpaper for decorating your wall you can use fabric as an alternative.

What Is Fabric Wall Covering - Advantages & Disadvantages: fabric wall covering 2

This can be a great solution if you are living in a rent house or if you love to redecorate your home very often.

But there are some constraints on using the variety of fabric as a wall covering, both for artistic purpose and for realistic reasons.

Fabric such as velvet or thick blanket won’t be a very good idea for a fabric wall covering as they are too heavy for use as a wall covering, and they wouldn’t stay in a place.

Fabric such as silk is too thin and it gets damaged easily with everyday use or strains and the like.

The beauty of the fabric wall covering is that it is reusable. Once you feel the fabric wall cover is dry, just put the fabric into the washing machine for a quick wash and then you can reuse it or if you get bored with the same design you can use it for something else.

Fabric wall covering is easy to put up and take down from the wall than wallpaper, also it comes with a feature of being partially soundproofing. But not like an acoustic wall but definitely more than paint and normal wallpaper.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fabric Wall Covering:

The fabrication of fabric wall covering often consists of between 20 and 40 % paper and this paper is interlacing into polyester fibres. For this type of wall covering the common textile options include silk, linen, synthetic fibres and cloths.

Before you choose one of these types of fabric wall covering for you home or business, you should go through the advantages and disadvantages which comes with buying.

What Is Fabric Wall Covering - Advantages & Disadvantages: fabric wall covering 3

Advantages Of Fabric Wall Covering:

  • Fabric wall covering comes with a lightweight
  • It’s air-permeable property allow air to pass through it easily, which prevents the growth of fungus
  • It is stronger than paper wallpaper and long-lasting.
  • Easy to install and wash.
  • It is reusable after wash.
  • Fabric wall covering is environmentally friendly

Disadvantages Of Fabric Wall Covering:

The biggest disadvantage of fabric wall covering is some types of fabric have a maximum percentage of paper content. Because of this when you will scrub the wall covering you’ll ruin it.

Because of low-quality fabric, your fabric wall covering can get colorless or faded.

Instead of having some disadvantages, fabric wall covering is very user-friendly and recommended by people. To get the best experience of having fabric wall covering get in touch with Ever-Power Decoration Co. Ltd without any hesitation. Call us on 0086-571-88220026.


Fabric wall covering can be used in a wide range of environments and it depends on its composition. If you are willing to get more strong, hygiene type of wall covering then we recommend you to choose a fabric wall covering will low percentage of paper.