What about wallpaper color difference? ! !

First, the colour difference of natural materials
The “color difference” of natural components is common in furniture, ceramic tiles, flooring and other industries. The vast number of manufacturers and consumers have already reached a consensus. The same wallpaper uses organic materials, such as for example straw, and paper, diatomaceous earth, pulp fibers, etc., due to the difference in the organic material itself, this example can not be avoided. It really is precisely because of this that the natural beauty of natural materials is more obvious, but that is by no means an excellent problem.
When you select a wallpaper, you must know it in advance, which can reduce many problems in the later stage; in case you are a shop, you should explain it to the client during sale, so if the customer can acknowledge such color difference, then your customer complaint problem It’ll be reduced a lot, and it’ll also add points to your service!

Second, the color difference of different batches due to the manufacturing process
1) The switch of heat range and humidity through the production procedure, the error of the formula can lead to the colour modification of the produced product.
2) The thickness of the paper base, the density of the paper, the water absorption of the paper, and so on are slightly different, and the degree of adhesion of the printing pigments may also be different, thereby causing a problem of chromatic aberration.
3) There exists a small difference in the pressure between the two ends of the press during printing, which may cause a difference in color between your ends of the same roll of wallpaper.
4) Different batches of wallpaper creation, such as production shifts, replacement of raw materials, apparatus maintenance and other reasons will affect the consistency of product color.
5) Different production period (oxidation degree), sun exposure (aftereffect of ultraviolet light) and other factors may also cause Vinyl Wall paper differences in color.
6) Differences in pigment batches, etc. In general, the color quantity of a wallpaper could be different.
Before the construction, slice the three upper walls to see if there is any color difference. If the colour difference is not apparent after comparison, you can use it with confidence. Usually, if there is color difference, three items can be detected.

Third, the colour difference due to improper construction
1) Wipe with a damp cloth–wipe backwards and forwards at the seams, and the wallpaper fades;
2) Scrape scraping and scratching – black at the seam;
3) The bunk isn’t laid as required – the seam is obvious;
4) Glue overflows – causing a white edge on the seams;
Good horses include good saddles. First of all, don’t buy inexpensive wallpaper glue with regard to cheapness, which will affect the big items in house decoration. The use of scrapers for wallpapering ought to be moderate; of course, the most crucial thing is to focus on wall treatment before building. , the bottom film of the wall is painted; the base film of the wallpaper can efficiently fasten the wall surface, isolate the wall surface area and the wallpaper, prevent mildew and moisture, and facilitate secondary building. Finally, Xiao Qi really wants to remind everyone that when the wallpaper can be under construction, it should be gradual, not irritating.

Fourth, the color difference caused by other factors
1) Different light: the light and darkness of the light will cause apparent sensory differences. The use of light is a significant element of photography and painting, and in this environment, it could lead to psychological color difference.
2) Different angles: The angles of observation are different, and the angles of light refraction will vary, which is actually due to different light. In the relevant nationwide acceptance criteria, the premise of acceptance is usually: “Face in sight” – using frontal observation, whether there is obvious color difference in the wallpaper, can be eager for this reason.
3) Different light sources: Different light resources reflect different colors. For example, the wallpaper after paving does not see any problem under natural light, but when the customer pulls on the curtains and turns on the spotlights, it seems A certain color difference.
4) The impact of the feeling, the individual’s feelings are different: It sounds incredible, but the mood often affects the inner feelings of the real murderer. Because the difference in color can be often not like other judgments, it can be expressed by quantities or phrases, which is generally the criterion for judgment by the judge. Therefore the same elements of the same wallpaper, many people will believe that the color is deep, some individuals will think the color is light. Actually the same person will have different subjective differences at different times.

When the above color difference problem occurs, look at the “color difference value”, the colour difference of the colour plate is quite obvious, generally start to see the three ideals ​​of ABL, respectively representing red green / blue yellow / black and white, just the color difference is within a certain range Qualified, since the color difference test outcomes are linked to the operating environment and methods, so there are two cases: there are minimal differences in the colour of the eyes of both products, however the color difference is quite different; the two products look chromatic aberration, Nevertheless, the colorimeter test outcomes are qualified.