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Wallpaper Seam Sealer Glue

Nov 10, 2020 | Wallpaper Accessories

Wallpaper Seam Sealer Glue

Specially add UV antibacterial monomer, adopted dry film mould proof technology,

Effectively solved the common shortcoming of wallpaper mildew problem, provides people healthy and fresh household environment.


*UV antibacterial monomer, mildew proof technology

*Strong viscosity

*Convenient for construction

*Approved SVHC certificates, eco-friendly

*Suitable for various of wallpaper, widely used

Scope of application: It’s applicable to all kinds of wallpaper, wallcloth

Tech Data 

Product tech index

Product parameter



Solid content


Free formaldehyde(mg/kg)




Usage Method:

Step1: Make sure the metope dry and clean(moisture content should not high than 8%), pls clean the loose, pilling off and powdery coating before construction, and fill with putty and polish by abrasive paper. 

Step2: Evenly mixing the glue after open, brush directly on the back of wallpaper or wall with brush or roller

Step3: Hang wallpaper into appropriate position, moving the air bubbles or adhesive bubbles  with brush or scraper.

Main material: Nano materials, antibacterial monomer


Net weight:2KG

Storage: 5 ℃<storage temperature<30℃, put in cool, dry and well-ventilated place.

Shelf life: 12months