The wallpaper matches well, and the home is too beautiful to describe

Wall paper and wall fabric have unique expressional force, through different material qualitative, different style was created, pass even different decorative pattern, can show different theme.

The texture that brings through wallpaper and simple feeling, Pure paper Wallcovering deserve to move up appropriate furniture and adorn article, can create the atmosphere that gives oneself like. However when using must pay attention to the coordination, specifically in the color and pattern choice and collocation must stick to certain principles.

Let’s start with the wallpaper’s presentation:
Dividing line guide

1. Traditional plain or monochrome

White and monochrome are commonly recommended colors. Because this sort of choice won’t be wrong frequently, also experienced better collocation, but this sort of choice suits a location to disperse generally or the wall structure beside stair, and the area with extreme irregular metope. If such place USES the wall structure paper that has design, regular meeting because metope isn’t coherent and concentrated, make the design of wallpaper cannot get best expression.

2 fresh pastoral dreams

The person that may master natural feeling most is European, European person is in wide rise now cane, hemp, bamboo, the regression agitation of grass. The reputation of European bucolic style is just like the spread of Chinese dark walnut, but both of these styles can’t be compared really, why? Simply look at it.

Hold key point: pure and clean rural frequently with florets and weak green will deduce, desire to be light color only actually. For instance blue, cream-colored, brown wait, add a bit of flower or fruit in order to have so just a little style, the person that likes pastoral style must be diligent nevertheless, simple and neat feeling requirements some real flowers and vegetation to add vigor.

Women love romance

Girls who have not developed always like pink, because it may be the color of childhood; Mature girl all like purple, that is a woman permanently of nobility! But do not know, purple is normally European noble color, who can reject once again noble appeal? But pink and purple may also be very sensual.

Take notice: gray + purple, dark + light purple, pink + purple, cream + purple are beautiful, but 99% of men don’t like to settle purple bedrooms, so the challenge is to convince your lover. The big purple flower became the new color of the entire year in Europe.

4 clear sky

Seeing an excessive amount of the world, all of us are always looking meant for our own land of peach blossoms. Let’s initial create a pure sky. Here certainly can let you forget annoyance, expression method may be the color of the very best color of color card, light light to your center field!

Master key point: both light colors above the color card are your optional range, dark color can only just be used as an extremely few ornament, best is by using white as match color, won’t be wrong again so, come back the more pure that can behave. Simultaneously, focus on the grayness of the color, and try to pick the color with low grayness and high lighting, because dark gray and gray will be the destructive colors of this style.

5. Simple impression

Younger generation is finally leaving their nagging parents, who would like to express themselves with the easiest lines and colors! Actually contracted is not simple, a “about” the word expressed the particular feeling! It is this feeling that doomed that wallpaper feelings! Do not need too much speech, regardless of what color needs a little pure hold just, can deduce perfect contracted.

“Less is more” means “less is more”. But this is in high-quality goods basis, contracted design is bad, super easy become simple.

6 show extreme strength

Such as a cup of black coffee, extreme things are not simple to accept or be valued, but strong color just like a cup of black espresso provides you the brilliance of personality and pure feeling! The individual that drinks black coffee is not alone, use brunet person also is not haughty, powerful chocolate color can show savour distinct and judgement distinguished. Of training course brunet must deserve to move in a few high lighting color, otherwise collocation is poor can produce depressive, how exactly to deal with is a kind of aesthetic quality test really.

Hold key point: must use contrast. Cannot use brunet in all around wall absolutely, actually if be home furniture to come quickly to neutralize also proceed, unless want dimly effect, usually 3 depth +1 shallow or 3 shallow +1 depth expression hand legal meeting makes you more satisfied. You may not dare to make use of it, but the dark blue feeling is very attractive, appropriate in an area in the house use dark, you will have a windfall.

7 linen texture

The easy sense of natural fabric gives people a warm and kind feeling, which is reserved and silent. Wide, massiness furniture matches this one style, if be used in the analysis, bedroom can create halcyon and mild atmosphere more!

Hold key point: what select is mild cream-colored, gray await a color. Use a whole lot of deserve to act the role of foil impact, dried flower and bamboo weave are indispensable.

8 elegant stripes

Stripe wallpaper is traditional design, generous, sedate. Use after can make the bedroom appears more bright, and vertical bar can also let a room taller big.

Master key point: have to be the colour of pure and new quietly elegant, the bottom and furniture had better be the same color department, in the home deserve to do something the part of and the fabric that USES prevent excessive vertical bar design, had better choose and wallpaper unitive color section, otherwise a design within the room is an excessive amount of can appear mixed and disorderly.

Still have basic wind of training course, day type, Chinese style, design Lin Lin often is total, have a bit most key only, do not copy copy by copy, use the advantage of light and metope condition evade the defect in the house, your house can have distinguishing feature very certainly.