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Sticky Rice Glue for Wallpaper

Nov 10, 2020 | Wallpaper Accessories

Sticky Rice Glue for Wallpaper

Environmental friendly wallpaper adhesive which made of sticky rice and waxy corn, stable peformance and excellent adhesion, also suit for heavy wallpaper and wallcloth.


Sticky rice glue is environmental friendly wallpaper adhesive which made of sticky rice and waxy corn. It’s made by 12 procedures like purification, grinding, drying and so on. Sticky rice glue has wide range of application, which is high-performance wallpaper and wall cloth bonding material with high viscosity.

potassium sorbate  edible white vinegar


UV disinfection is used throughout productionto

Product advantages

1.Non-toxic, no abnormal odor, environmental healthy.

2.High viscosity, low maintenance rate.

3.Applied for all types of wallpaper product.

4.Suiting for each weather in different areas.

5.Excellent ability of anti-freezing.

Main composition

Sticky Rice Glue: sticky rice Starch, waxy corn starch, water and Nacl.

Key Products Performance Indicators

Performance of Products

Traditional Japanese glue

MUXIU Sticky Rice Glue

Viscosity(water rate1:1)



Product Solid Content






Free formaldehyde(g/kg)



Character of Product:Ivory colloid shape; slightly starch taste; PH: weak acid; translucent after drying

Preparation of Adhesive Solution

Firstly: Put sticky rice glue into a clean pail

Secondly: Put clean water several times into pail (water: glue=1:1), and then stir until it turns into thick and smooth high-quality adhesive solution,the total amount of water would better no more than 2kg.

Dissolved ratio


Ratio water : glue

Construction area

Common weight wallpaper



Heavy weight wallpaper



Note: All the above data is just for reference. Please adjust the ratio depending on the weight of wallpaper.

1、If you think glue is too thick,can add less than 20% water for solution,notice not over-dissolved.
2、It’s best to wear protective goggles when construction.
3、Keep the product away from children and dispose the package complying with the local environmental regulations.

Range of application

It can be used to paste all kinds of wallpaper and wall cloth, especially pure paper wallpaper and golden foil wallpaper which have higher construction requirement. It is widely used in home and high-end villa decoration.

Storage Condition

Best storage condition: in 5~30℃ cool and dry environment, avoiding direct sunlight