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Standard Primer Over Wallpaper Glue

Nov 10, 2020 | Wallpaper Accessories

Standard Primer Over Wallpaper Glue

This product is a new type of environmental wall surface treatment material, used on wall base before wallpaper pasting, apply for standard wall base, like smooth, dry, firm, pollution-free wall.

It can form protective layer to prevent the base surface from falling off and the surface plane from acid-base leakage, can also increase the adhesive force between wallpaper and wall base surface, meanwhile playing a role in moisture-proof and anti-mildew.

Product features:

High hardness, fast drying time, construction convenient.


1. Dilution:

Add 30%~70% water per Liter according to the wall absorption and climatic conditions.

2. Drying time:       

0.5h for surface drying, and 24h for complete drying.

3. Application:

Directly for brushing, coating, and spraying on the wall.

Net Content:1L

Expiration Date: 12 months

Application scope:

Apply for all kinds of metope, such as putty powder wall metope, light calcium and heavy calcium porous wall, composite mortal metope ect.

Storage: Put in dry and ventilated place, 5°C ~30°C