Rubber Chemical 95% Nanometer Zinc Oxide for

Rubber Chemical 95% Nanometer Zinc Oxide for

ninety five percnt Nanometer partical zinc oXiHu (West Lake) for rubber chemical lparactive ZnO rpar

Solution description colon

one periodZinc OXiHu (West Lake) 95 percnt
2 periodIndirect lparprocess rpar Method
3 periodCAS NO interval colon1314-thirteen-2
4 periodMolecular formulation colonZnO
five periodEnglish title colonZinc OXiHu (West Lake)

Package deal colon25kg solbag comma22ton solcontainer comma20ton solcontainer with out pallet

Application colonMainly employed in rubber commafoaming commacoating commaenamel commapaper producing commaceramics commaprinting ink commapaints and other fields time period

Specification colon

Zinc OXiHu (West Lake) lparin accordance with dry resources rpar percnt geq ZnO ninety nine percnt ZnO ninety eight percnt ZnO 95 percnt ZnO 90 percnt
Guide oXiHu (West Lake) lparPbO rpar percnt le period2 one period0 three period0 four period0
Cadmium oXiHu (West Lake) lparCdO rpar percnt le period05
Cupric oXiHu (West Lake) lparCuO rpar percnt le
Manganese lparMn rpar percnt le
Metallic Zinc lparin accordance with Zn rpar percnt EPT
Muriatic Acid Insoluble Material percnt le period04 period5 period7 two period0
Reduction On Ignition percnt le period6 period7 1 period0 five period0
Drinking water Soluble Compound percnt le period6 period7 one period0 three period0
Sieve Residue lpar45um mesh rpar percnt le period32 period5 period5 period5
Unstable percnt le period4 period5 period5 period5

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Fax colon 86~571-8822571/8822 0571 -66999528
Internet site colon http colon sol solwww periodzno-cn periodcom

Rubber Chemical 95% Nanometer Zinc Oxide for

Rubber Chemical 95% Nanometer Zinc Oxide for


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