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Potato Starch Wallpaper Adhesive

Nov 10, 2020 | Wallpaper Accessories

Potato Starch Wallpaper Adhesive

Eco-friendly Potato starch adhesive wallpaper glue powder, suitable for all kinds of wallpaper.


Model:GP-500 wallpaper glue powder

Proportion parameter


Pasting  Space (Per 180g)

Water  Amount (Per 180g)

Normal  wallpaper



Heavyweight  wallpaper



Product features:

1.Environmental friendly, odorless and no any harmful for health

2. Doesn’t contain formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metal,

Ammonia and other harmful substance.

Scope of application:

It’s applicable to all types of wallpaper, especially heavyweight wallpaper.

The better usage result can be achieved by using together with GAREFU liquid glue.

Mixture method:

1.Pour the correct amount of water into a clean container(see ratio sheet). Slowly pour in the content stirring until mixed evenly.

2.Leave for 10-15 minutes and stir again before applying.

3.Then the mixture is ready for construction.

Application:*All kinds of wall coverings 

MSDS: Available upon request

Storage: Please place in cool dry, well-ventilation environment.

Production Time: See the overpack

Expiration Date:  24 months from date of manufacture.

Shipping Information


Lead Time:5-12 working days

Weight per Unit:180g

Units per Export carton:80

Export carton dimensions L/W/H:57*42.5*36mm

Export carton weight:16kgs


Wallpaper hanging

Star hanging wallpaper at the window or door, Slide the paper into position and then working the paper onto the wall from the top centre to the outside. Hang the paper on the marked horizontal lines and then press on with the scraper or a clean dry roller or soft dry cotton cloth, applying pressure to adhesive bubbles or air bubbles moving them to the edge and out from under the paper.

Inspect while sticking, to ensure patter alignment, no lumps bumps or cracks.Wipe away excess paste from joints with a wet soft rag. Add adhesive to joints were necessary. Be careful not to stretch the wallpaper.

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