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Potato Starch Wallpaper Adhesive Powder

Nov 10, 2020 | Wallpaper Accessories

Potato Starch Wallpaper Adhesive Powder

Potato Starch Wallpaper Adhesive Powder for wallpaper pasting.

It can be mixed with room temperature water to form the glue

It could be applicable to all types of wallpaper, lightweight wallpaper is more suitable.


The product is a kind of special adhesive for wallpaper pasting. The product’s manufacture is mainly based on national requirements of environmental protection. It’s a type of white powder made of potato starch, supplemented by small amounts of tackifier and fungicide, which can effectively improve the wallpaper adhesion power and prevent the defects such as wall paper yellowing, cracking.

1, Adopting natural potato modified starch, no abnormal and irritation odor, totally non-toxic, no formaldehyde.
2, High viscosity, stable performance, easy to use.
3, Efficient water soluble and antibiosis, mildew-proof.

Always follow wallpaper manufacturers instructions for hanging. The mixing ratio of powder to water depends on the type of wall covering to be hung. Usually no more than 5kg water to each box powder to avoid over-solution. Stir briskly until the solution starts to thicken. Leave to stand for 3 minutes then re-stir. After mixing, please keep the glue for 10-15 minutes, then you can start the wallpapering.

Proportion parameter:

Wallpaper   type

Amount of   water


Light   wallpaper



Heavy   wallpaper




Scope of application: applicable to all types of wallpaper

Storage: store in dry and cool environment.

Shelf time: 24 months