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Plant Fibre Wallpaper Glue

Nov 10, 2020 | Wallpaper Accessories

Plant Fibre Wallpaper Glue

With updated formula, this kind of glue not only has super high viscosity, but also better leveling, easy for mixing, convenient for construction.


Ever-power Plant fibre wallpaper glue is extracted from plant fibre and its polymer, we adopted Ever-power low carbon technology, no additives, no stimulation, pollution-free, bio-degradable, it’s a kind of natural organic polymerization construction adhesive, can make you a green healthy living environment.

Product features:

* Nature plant essence, green, eco-friendly and healthy

* Strong adhesion

* Excellent leveling, great coverage

* Widely used, suitable for all kinds of wallpaper and wallcovering

Scope of application: It’s applicable to all kinds of wallpaper, wallcloth

Usage Method:

Step1: To make sure the glue can fully dilution and absorb water, please evenly stir with blender before adding water

Step2: This kind of glue is made of grain extracts and its polymer, with very high viscosity, we suggest to add water by 3times and mix clockwise.

Add water about 300~500ml at the 1st and 2nd time, and 500~1000ml at the 3rd time, evenly stirring until its fully mixed with water(total adding water amount is 1.6~2.0kg, placing time is about 10 minutes)

Tech Data:

Product Index


Viscosity(ratio glue:water=1:1)


Viscosity(ratio glue:water=1:1.2)


PH Value


180°Peeling strength(N/25mm)


Free formaldehyde(mg/kg)


Numbers of freezing-thawing cycles


Main material: Grain extracts and polymer


Net weight: 2KG

Storage: 5 ℃<storage temperature<30℃, put in cool, dry and well-ventilated place.

Shelf life: 12months