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Nature Wallpaper Adhesive Powder

Nov 10, 2020 | Wallpaper Accessories

Nature Wallpaper Adhesive Powder

Natural wallpaper adhesive powder with strong viscosity.

stable performance, easy construction, environmental protection and non-toxic, bio-down solution without residue.


Nature wallpaper adhesive powder is potato starch base, white flake shape. Suitable for pasting various kinds of light or heavy wallpapers such as common wallpaper, glass fiber wallcovering, weaving wallpaper, thick and heavy wallpaper, metal wallpaper etc. 

It has strong paste, non-toxic, until- mildew, made of potato, environment friendly product.Can easy mixing and quick dissolve in cold water, suitable for various different kinds of wallpaper.such as common wallpaper, glass fiber wall covering, weaving wallpaper, thick and heavy wallpaper and metal wallpaper etc.

process parameters
Appearance: White powder
Solid content:98%
Viscosity: 15000 -18000mPa.s(adhesive:water=1:25)
PH value:8–9
Curing time:8h
Tensile strength: 9800(MPa)
Pot life:12 months
Package:20kg paper bag or 180g box packing

Mix the adhesive powder and water at 1:25. Stir to achieve a smooth consistency. Leave mixed product for approximately 5 minutes. After that, stir it again and it is ready-to-use.
Apply the adhesive to the wallpaper, follow wallpaper’s instructions. Starting from the top, roll paper in place, taking care to roll out air bubbles. Immediately remove excess adhesive and any adhesive on pattern side with damp cloth.
After dissolving adhesive may be stored for 8 days in closed bucket. Stir very well before use when was stored more than 1 day.

It requires wall neat clean, dry, no solid, no hole, strong and no dust. First put the powder into percent clean water, churn half minute make sure the powder completely absorb, after three minute then churn. Use the brush to paste mixed glue on finished cutting wallpaper, full of the surrounding, fold and stress two sides five or six minutes so that the paste completely infiltrate the back of paper then it can paste on wall. First should put the wallpaper’s top, use drawknife from up and down, from middle to two sides extrude air bubble. Use wet towel take the extra paste out of the surface wallpaper. 

Applying paste:
Brush the paste on the back of the wallpaper.Be sure to cover the entire back of the paper including all edges.Let it sit for 5-6 minutes so that it is absorbed by the paper,then apply the paper to the wall.

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