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Introduction to Non-Woven Wallpaper

Nov 9, 2020 | Blog

Options of non-woven material wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper during the three categories of wallpaper breathable is definitely the ideal, environmental protection is additionally fairly fantastic, its personal material is no pollution. This type of wallpaper inside the paste when the glue dry may be the fastest, to ensure won’t damp the walls.

There exists also an benefit is that the development is hassle-free, this might be because the proprietor expertise isn’t evident.

Just after all, the building employees are performing, but we nevertheless really have to mention that this kind of wallpaper due to the qualities of the materials, the development staff provided that the scraper might be scraped, while the other 2 kinds of elements could be scraped 2-3 occasions wallpaper.

Summary of the positive aspects of non-woven wallpaper: 0 formaldehyde, good ductility, smaller shrinkage.
The only thing that can be counted is “high price” a volume on the price: imports in 700 yuan-900 yuan, domestic in 400-600.

  • One of a kind porous building, breathable all through
  • Formaldehyde-free.
  • Waterproof and moisture-proof.
  • Change the air humidity.
  • Noise Reduction.
  • Come to feel affinity to nature.
  • Odor Fragrance.
  • Fiber Yarn Non-woven braided tensile strength more powerful.
  • All-in-one non-woven paper generates only carbon dioxide and water when fully burned.

The difference in between non-woven wallpaper

Material: Non-woven wallpaper will be the utilization of purely natural plant fiber refined, and pure paper wallpaper is produced of high-quality purely natural wood pulp processing.
So in truth their supplies are totally distinct, but simply because the plant fiber and organic wood pulp are environmentally friendly all-natural objects, so they’ve a certain same qualities, individuals are easy to confuse.

Price: Actually, non-woven wallpaper and pure paper wallpaper regarding selling price also have a specific gap.
For the reason that non-woven wallpaper plant fiber is additional hard to extract, so the cost of non-woven wallpaper is relatively high, and pure paper wallpaper, it truly is fairly low cost.

Come to feel: While in the hand feel, in reality, they also have a incredibly large big difference.
Even though it seems that their texture is not going to make any big difference, but in reality, the really feel with the paper wallpaper is softer, all because the paper wallpaper is produced of wood pulp.

Construction technique of non-woven material wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper posting approach similar to wallpaper, you must use wallpaper adhesive paste. Wallpaper glue, base movie, scraping paper, wallpaper knife and various related add-ons during the neighborhood developing products marketplace uncomplicated to acquire.
Normally posted wallpaper staff will publish, time is just not high-priced, based on the local marketplace has different, usually 5~15 yuan per square meters, in case you have robust hands, posted wallpaper may also attempt their very own, working experience DIY exciting.
Needs for the wall surface:

  • Wall Smooth, smooth, clean and dry, proposed to accomplish moisture therapy, in an effort to change and steer clear of polluting the wall.
  • Choice of Mortar + wall powder (local developing supplies industry is sold), the distinct adjustment process please refer for the guidelines.
  • Non-woven wallpaper devoid of moist water, provided that the wall glue evenly brush about the wall, then the wall is often.

Main points of buy of non-woven wallpaper

First, we need to know the useful and aesthetic causes for non-woven wallpaper, it really is essential to know its materials. and non-woven wallpaper, the usage of pure all-natural plant fiber manufactured, so its most simple feature is all-natural and environmental safety.

Shoppers of natural, environmental protection merchandise are very delicate, and non-woven wallpaper also just have the two factors straight influence the wellness of people is an important link, so this is the reason non-woven wallpaper prices are still several individuals purchase the main motive.

2nd, mainly because non-woven wallpaper is processed with plant fiber wallpaper, so it is actually excellent breathability, it is actually identified as “Breathing wallpaper.” All-natural plant fiber inside will have a great deal of breathable minor hole, and pure plant fiber during the pores emitted out of the breath, may be the most purely natural and fresh, so, this is actually the shopper imagine the non-woven wallpaper After the bedroom lifestyle gets extra fresh, brighter good reasons.

For other types of wallpaper, numerous of them tend not to possess the characteristics of breathability.