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How to choose wallpaper?

Nov 10, 2020 | Blog

Wallpaper is a materials used for interior wall structure decoration. Because wallpaper could be designed regarding to end user preferences, wallpaper is trusted. Not only that, in addition, it gets the characteristics of exquisite appearance, variety, rich habits, and low price, which includes conquered many consumers. Just how to choose wallpaper?

How to choose wallpaper? how to choose wallpaper

1. Judging the caliber of the packaging

When choosing a wallpaper, it is a good idea to look at the complete information on the wallpaper. Generally, high quality wallpapers will get very detailed in product packaging and marking, and can never give chances for defects. Furthermore, quality-oriented companies generally stick to the idea of “simple however, not simple”, they’ll make their packaging appearance simple but without dropping the atmosphere.

2. Observe if the pattern is usually clear

In addition to choosing your favorite patterns, the quality of wallpaper must also be considered. Generally speaking, the higher the clarity of the design, the better the quality of the wallpaper. Generally, the patterns with uniform color and no color difference belong to the top grade; those with leaky or uneven color and blurry are the substandard ones.

3. Test the color fastness of the wallpaper

After reading the pattern is not clear, let’s take a look at the durability of the color. Scrub the wallpaper with a damp paper towel. If the color does not fall off, the wallpaper is usually top grade. This is especially important when choosing wallpapers with three-dimensional textures and light colours. Because the wallpaper with strong color fastness is easy to clean, and can also maintain the color of the wallpaper itself for a long time, it is not easy to yellow.

4. Touch to judge the thickness

Some people say that the quality of the wallpaper depends on the thickness, but it is not. The quality of wallpaper is primarily related to paper quality, craftsmanship, and endurance. When you choose, you should touch the wallpaper thoroughly. Domestically manufactured wallpapers are usually soft-feeling and resilient. This is the top quality; while overseas imported wallpapers are smaller sized than domestic kinds as a result of their higher density.

5. Test wear resistance

The effectiveness of the abrasion resistance can directly reflect the caliber of the wallpaper. Advanced high-quality wallpapers could be easily scrubbed and also have no result on the complete after scrubbing. On the other hand, some inferior wallpapers could be damaged or normal water stained after just a little scrubbing. Subsequently, when you choose, you need to employ a pencil to scratch the determined wallpaper, and then employ an eraser to eliminate it.

6. Detection of normal water resistance

If the water level of resistance of the wallpaper isn’t good, not merely the wallpaper itself will be affected, but even the wall will be moldy. Therefore, whenever choosing, you need to set a drop of normal water on the determined wallpaper and await 2 ~ three minutes. If the normal water isn’t saturated, it ensures that this wallpaper features good waterproof functionality and is inferior.

7. Consider the environmental protection index

Whether environmental protection is quite highly relevant to our physical health. When deciding on a wallpaper, you can initial check whether the wallpaper smells. It is best to burn it on the spot for a short period of time. Wallpapers with a high environmental index burn fully, and there is no pungent smell and thick smoke.

8. Choose high-quality brands

The production process and product quality of big-brand wallpapers are more guaranteed. Some small miscellaneous-brand wallpaper processing may use inferior components. The created wallpapers will harm people’s health, so select the wallpaper to identify the big brands.