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High Viscosity Universal Wallpaper Glue Powder

Nov 10, 2020 | Wallpaper Accessories

High Viscosity Universal Wallpaper Glue Powder

It’s a type of nature adhesive for wallpaper pasting
High viscosity universal wallpaper glue powder

It has appearance of white flaky powder made of modified potato starch, supplemented by small amounts of cellulose.


Wallpaper glue powder adopts modified potato starch with small amount of cellulose as main material. It is mainly based on national requirements of environmental protection.

It can be mixed with room temperature water to form the glue and paste a variety of wallpapers.

Technical Data:

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White flaky powder, without caking


No abnomal and irrating odour


≥8000mpa.s (25℃±1℃)

pH value


Dissolution case

No granule, completely gelatinized

Moisture Content


Product features: Strong adhesive, water-soluble, stable performance, easy construction, environmental protection and non-toxic, bio-down solution without residue

Scope of application: applicable to all types of wallpaper

Storage: store in dry and cool environment

Shelf  time: 24 months

Package: 180g/box, 80 boxes/carton (according to customer’s requirement)

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