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Cellulose Wallpaper Adhesive

Nov 10, 2020 | Wallpaper Accessories

Cellulose Wallpaper Adhesive

Adapting natural cellulose, no abnormal and irritating odor

High viscosity, stable performance, easy to use

Efficient water soluble and antibiosis, environment protection


Methyl Cellulose glue powder adopts cellulose as main material, Due to its stability and large-area pasting performance, it is one of our most popular products which is also non-formaldehyde, non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Technical Data:

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White flaky powder,without caking


No abnomal and irrating odour


≥180,000mpa.s (25℃±1℃)

pH value


Dissolution case

No granule, completely   gelatinized

Moisture Content


Free Formaldehyde(g/kg)


Total volatile organics (g/L)


Benzene (g/kg)


Methylbenzene+ Dimethylbenzene (g/kg)


Usage method:


Step1: Shake the water(quantity according to the ratio) and spill the contents quickly, 

Step2: Stirring until it’s mixed evenly, shake again after 5minutes.

Step3: Leave for 15- 30minutes, the adhesive is ready for the use.

Step4: Stir evenly again before applying. 


Brush the prepared gluepowder, evenly coating on the back of paper.

Ensure the edges of the paper are covered with gluepowder. Work from the centre out.

Wipe away extra paste on the front of the paper with a wet rag. Fold the paper inwards and allow to stand for 5-10 minutes(actual time can be adjusted according to the local climatic and temperature constructions)before hanging. 

3.Wallpaper Hanging

Slide the paper into position and then working the paper onto the wall from the top centre to the outside. Hang the paper on the marked horizontal lines and then press on with the scraper or a clean dry roller and/or soft dry cotton cloth, applying pressure to adhesive bubbles or air bubbles moving them to the edge and out form under the paper.

Inspect while sticking, to ensure pattern alignment, no lumps bumps or cracks. Wipe away excess paste from joints with a wet soft rag.

Storage: dry and ventilation, 5°C~30°C

Expiration date: 24 months

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