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Cellulose Glue Adhesive

Nov 10, 2020 | Wallpaper Accessories

Cellulose Glue Adhesive

Strong Viscosity Methyl Cellulose for Wallpapers Paste

Product’s manufacture is mainly based on national requirements of environment protection


The product is a kind of special adhesive for wallpaper pasting. 100% eco and safe, Neutral non-corrosive formula, It can be mixed with room temperature water to form the glue and paste a variety of wallpapers, convenient for construction.

Proportion parameter:

Wallpaper   type

Ratio   glue:water

Water quantity

Mixing time


All kinds of   wallpaper


10-12L(per 200g)



Usage method:


Step1: Shake the water(quantity according to the ratio) and spill the contents quickly, 

Step2: Stirring until it’s mixed evenly, shake again after 5minutes.

Step3: Leave for 15- 30minutes, the adhesive is ready for the use.

Step4: Stir evenly again before applying. 


● Easy mix formula.

● Contains a powerful fungicide to prevent mould growth whilst drying.

● Works on most common wallcoverings.

● High initial tack combined with east maneuverability.

Packaging: 200g/box, 250g/box, 1kg/box, 25kg/bag

Storage: place in dry, cool ventilated environment.

Shelf time: 24 months

Ratio: gluepowder: water= 1:50~60(for 200g/pack, adding water approx 10~12kg)

Covering area:35~55㎡

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