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All Purpose Wallpaper Paste

Nov 10, 2020 | Wallpaper Accessories

All Purpose Wallpaper Paste

Specially added Provence lavender essence to purify your air, relax your family.


Ever-power lavender rice sticky glue all purpose wallpaper paste, adopted nature rice sticky starch as raw material, Specially added Provence lavender essence to purify your air, relax your family.
It is good water-soluble, easy for construction, high-viscosity Sticky rice glue has wide range of application, which is high-performance wallpaper and wall cloth bonding material.

Product features:

* Top grade edible starch as material

* Excellent low temperature freeze thawing stability

* Convenient for construction, easy for preparation and mixing

*No chemical additives

* Strong adhesion

Scope of application: It’s applicable to all kinds of wallpaper

Usage Method:

This type of glue is with very high viscosity, we suggest to add water 20% at the 1st time then evenly stirring, add 30% water at 2nd time and mixing again, lastly, add the rest of 50% water fat the 3rd time(total adding water amount is 1-2kg,place time: 10minutes)

Technic Data:

Product capacity

Tradtional Janpanse glue

Ever-power lanvender glue

Viscosity (ratio glue:water)



Solid Content



PH value






Coverage: 15~20sqm/barrel

Net weight: 2KG

Storage: above 5 ℃, place in cool, dry and well-ventilated place.

Shelf life: 24months