2018 the latest soft wallpaper matching scheme

While is known to all, the sort of wall structure paper is various, the style is affluent, the structure is relatively simple, it is important to produce the impact to make people experience very warm, so was even more common in the present stage is decorated in the family members, and in the living room, it is frequently used in Television setting wall, seeing that for the store is stuck, somebody will choose floor covering, of course, somebody can choose half a store, or combined with other components, of program, every kind of way of the store is stuck to impact is different, the following, we come to the particular case!!!!

The whole TV wall is covered in wallpaper
The practice that whole TV wall sticks wall paper completely is relatively simple, compared with white wall, can let a space appear more abundant;
Also, to the television wall, which is adjacent to the corridor, it is advisable to extend the wallpaper to the wall in the corridor to avoid the problem of abrupt works and troublesome retracting.

Also, the wallpaper with vertical stripes and good adhesion can create a kind of woodland visual sense.

Visional-leaf-like wallpaper, with its exclusive tone and general spatial collocation, is normally particularly zen. And the problem that closes edge in the part, sign up for through a display screen to block, show up very much simpler;

The wall paper with water-print pattern, coupled with the setting of spotlights, can create a Pure paper Wallcovering mottled water shadow vision.

Horizontal does not like the boring wallpaper, so you may consider the pattern of the entire painting, so that the overall vision of the wallpaper is more creative and the ornamental effect is normally more powerful.

Sale of Chinese language design lasting appeal wallpaper, with unique Chinese language design wallpapers pattern store paste, the overall impact is good;

2. Combine with the cabinet
If be small door model or it is modern American design, can consider Television wall structure both sides to contact to receive ark, the placement in the middle sticks wall structure paper, such effect is extremely great;
In the number below, if you would like to make the projector after the wallpaper is made, you can preinstall a sagging curtain on the ceiling.

If the TV wall is non-load bearing wall, it can be made into the wall niches on both sides of the TV wall, combined with the form of the middle wall paper, the effect is also quite generous and high-grade.

Exchange cabinets on both edges, the lower component of the receiving cabinets and the higher part to display the style of the cabinets, making the entire more beautiful and elegant;

3. Combine with the trailing edge
The wall paper that whole wall sticks is exaggerated too, regional stick is not simple to close edge again, so can use to close edge modelling to close edge, still help to make aesthetic feeling dye-in-the-wood modelling at the same time;

The living room is romantic and cozy, with decorative lines and edges attracted in the TV walls, wallpaper in the middle and some warm words dangling in the middle.

The arched door modeling + zen charm of the wallpaper, the overall collocation elegant generous and dignified;
In addition to the copper-colored Television cabinets and tea furniture, and the wallpaper with the consistency of older newspapers, the overall atmosphere is low-key, luxurious and high-end on the basis of the contemporary American space.

If the pre-production setting up is good, it can make a slight concave shape in the TV wall during the hard installation, and affix the wallpaper in a detailed way, which is also quite clean and generous.